Debt Consolidation Loan

Under the term of a debt consolidation loan is understood a special type of loan that can allow a person to pay off all the existing multiple loan debts at once and then gradually repay it with the installments made every month.

Next to a payday debt consolidation program option it is one of the solutions for people with multiple payday debts. Such loans are issued by banks and they allow a person to cover all his or her existing loans and afterwards repay monthly affordable amounts.


Debt consolidation loan is a very helpful option is case a person is unable to afford the repayment of all the bills that come up to him or her as well as all the repayments on payday loans, that are often numerous. It is also an option that allows to avoid direct contact with the creditors; which is always tiring and stressful.

With a payday debt consolidation loan it is possible to handle all payday loans with one move and stop worrying about all the things at once. There will be no more creditor calls and the rates on this loan will be considerably lower. There will be only one creditor to repay and it makes the whole thing with budgeting simpler. Besides, debt consolidation loan is given for a pretty long term; so, a person is not pressed with deadlines as when it is with payday loans initially.

Applying for a debt consolidation loan is also very convenient as a person does not have to worry any more about any such things as collection calls and all the way increasing repayments.

The rate of such a loan stays fixed and it is much more affordable, let alone that the term of repayment is also pretty long. This is a great advantage as payday loans are short term and delays are fraught with huge expenses.

With a debt consolidation loan it is easier to plan your budget and also to feel generally more relaxed with regards to all the expenses. Besides, such a measure is advantageous for a person’s credit score as opposed to filing a bankruptcy. It does not deprive you of any future potential loan options.

How to Get
  • When considering a debt consolidation loan one should take into consideration that it is not something to get instantly.

It is recommended to browse around and create a list of the institutions that offer such loans and their terms and rates. There is no much sense in applying for the first institutions you come across. However, it makes sense to compare and choose the best option available.

  • It is necessary to pay attention to details and read fine print carefully. All the particulars of the loan agreement should be disclosed to a borrower and especially the ones about the loan amount and costs.

When taking a debt consolidation loan one should keep in mind that this is a type of credit that a person applies for in order to improve the existing financial situation and not for making bad things even worse. Therefore, it is necessary that rates and fees were carefully evaluated and the repayment potential considered. In case the repayments on the future debt consolidation loan are bound to exceed the present ones it makes little sense to use this option as it has no benefit at all.


However, there are certain requirements for this type of loan consolidation option. In order to qualify it is necessary to have really good credit score that is not spoilt with any late or default repayments and also pretty good income which is permanent. This is what unsecured debt consolidation lenders ask their clients for. Such measures are necessary as they prove that a borrower is creditworthy. Besides, this option is available for the customers with a considerable amount of loan; it does not apply for small debts. In case of a secured debt consolidation loan, a person will be required to offer some property to pledge as collateral.

  • Depending on the institution that offers a loan, the fees and rates will be different. However, in the majority of cases this option is more beneficial than applying for a credit card.

Useful Tips

A person applying for a debt consolidation loan should take into consideration several things. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that a credit score is fine and that a credit record does not have any mistakes. It is necessary to decide upon the total amount of the loan and not to apply for something that exceeds one’s potential to repay. Every borrower should not forget that this loan is supposed to fix his or her budget and not ruin it. Besides, it may turn out that the loan amount available is limited and, therefore, smaller than your actual total debt. In this case it is necessary to decide what part of the debt will be actually covered by the loan.

It is also essential to carefully plan the future budget and stick to it. This may mean that some of the purchases will be currently unavailable and some expenses postponed; however, the final result will be worth it.

Debt consolidation loan also has got drawbacks such as its interest rates being not tax deductible and therefore having little benefit in this sphere; however, it may still be a better option than observing all your payday loan debts accumulating more and more.

The benefit of a debt consolidation loan is that it helps a person with multiple payday debts to deal with all of them at once fast and conveniently. This loan has no negative effect on a person’s credit score and is a really great option to solve such a financial problem. However, for those people who for some reasons cannot consider this option, there are debt consolidation programs.

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