Wyoming Payday Loan Law and Legislation

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Payday loans in Wyoming are legal.

According to the Wy. Stat. 40-14-362 et seq. the residents can apply for short-term loan services here. Actually there aren't any legal restrictions on the cash amount that can be borrowed; however, the law puts certain restrictions on the time the loan should be paid back.

  • Any loan should be paid back within 1 month.
  • The law does have some restrictions on the charges that lenders may collect.
  • The maximum charges for payday loans in Wyoming are from 20% but no more than $30.
  • APR of 780% in Wyoming loans is very high, even for the industry of payday cash advances.

Quick cash can be real for all residents of Wyoming. In fact, any citizen of the US, whatever state he or she is from, may enjoy the advantages of payday loans using Wyoming payday cash advance service when they apply for a payday loan at UStatesLoans.org.

A Wyoming lender should possess a state license according to W.S. 40-14-634. The information an applicant should provide is name, address and business name. Payday loan companies should have fees schedule available for the clients as well as borrowers' obligations and rights.

  • Payday loans are not to be refinanced into another payday loan.
  • The state prohibits borrowers to secure a payday cash advance at one lending company to pay the loan to the previous lender.
  • Rollovers are prohibited in Wyoming. Lenders cannot consolidate, renew or refinance a payday cash advance if borrowers cannot perform the repayment.

More information about Payday Loans in Wyoming: http://audit.state.wy.us/banking/

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