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Pay Day Loan
Pay Day Loan
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Pay Day Loan
203 E Saint John St, Girard, KS 66743
tel: 620-724-6543
2 reviews
Dollar Daze Pay Day Loans
102 S Ozark St, Girard, KS 66743
tel: 620-724-5277

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I am grateful to Pay Day Loan because with my bad credit I couldn't get a loan anywhere. They do not seem to have any problem with it, though. I wish they charged less as I almost managed to make ends meet after the repayment; however, as it was importnat for me to get the money right then and they gave it to me - I have nothing to complain. ...

5 / 5 Dec 27, 2013
about Pay Day Loan's office
203 E Saint John St, Girard, KS 66743

I took this loan around Christmas time when I had a lot of expenditures. At that time I thought that I would manage somehow and would be able to repay in time and it really seemed a good option. However, once you take it once, you just start the circle. As soon as they took the money from my paycheck, it became really tough - all my checks are pretty well budgeted to the dollar. And so it took me a while to deal with this loan and even ask my sister for a bit of assistance to repay the full amount. It was some sort of enlightening experience for me. It is expensive and conveninent at the same time... but the truth is that they helped me when I needed it without any questions and I am not sure I will not appear in some similar situation of need once again... ...

4 / 5 Apr 5, 2013
about Dollar Daze Pay Day Loans's office
102 S Ozark St, Girard, KS 66743

Good day to you, I want to write about my payday loan experience, it was really good. I applied out of sheer necessity, never have though that I would need such a thing. But life is quite unpredictable, you know. I would prefer the fees to be lower but with my credit rating issue, I believe, this is the best I can get. So, thanks. ...

4 / 5 Jul 12, 2012
about Pay Day Loan's office
203 E Saint John St, Girard, KS 66743

It's strange for me if someone worries about the lack of money. I want to say this person "Hey, don't worry. You can easily do away with your problem". Frankly speaking just two years ago I used to sleep badly myself when my family needed cash. When your family is big your extra expenses seem to never stop. My solution to this situation is a payday loan. For me it's the easiest and the most effortless way out. Firstly you can apply for this loan on the internet. Secondly you don't need to collect documents or fax them. Thus the time spent on all the process from filling in an online application form till getting the funds on your bank account lasts less than 24 hours. I don't know any other loans which could propose better terms for me. ...

4 / 5 Jun 28, 2012
about Dollar Daze Pay Day Loans's office
102 S Ozark St, Girard, KS 66743
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Median household income, USD
% of households with income under $35,000
% of households with income $35,000 - $75,000
% of households with income $75,000 - $100,000
% of households with income over $100,000
% of households that own their residence
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