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I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to everyone who helped me get a cash advance. Usually I manage to get through from one paycheck to another one, but this time it happened so that my kid got sick and I needed extra cash to buy all the medicines he needed. That turned out to be pretty expensive and I did not know how to get by until my next paycheck arrives. My friend advised me to get a fast cash advance but at first I was rather skeptic about it. You know, these days it’s very hard to believe someone is willing to help you. I know that most companies just try to take advantage of you as their fees are skyrocketing. They know people in a desperate need for money are ready to risk, and they use this opportunity to make their business. But this company is quite a different story! Everyone here is so polite and tactful. And they do their job like real professionals! I am amazed and delighted at how this whole thing worked for me, getting me and my kid out of a sticky situation. I’m happy that such a service exists and I will surely recommend it to anyone who is in a temporary trouble with money. ...

4 / 5 Jun 6, 2012
about Ezmoney's office
1310 Main Street, Billings, MT 59105

I have never really thought that I would need to go and take a loan – any loan, in fact… but you should never say never. My cell got broken at the most inappropriate moment (if there can be an appropriate one). The worst part was that I couldn’t just go and get a new one as I have just wasted all the savings for a new cocktail dress… yeah, I know, I should be more reasonable and so on. Right, but I was lucky to learn about this company and I really think that a cash advance can save you in a bad trouble. I wish the rates were lower but this is the price for speed and convenience, I suppose. So, thanks. ...

3 / 5 May 17, 2012
about Check 'n Go's office
896 S 29th St W # D, Billings, MT 59102

I think a payday loan is a really good solution for those who need money. A lot of my friends apply for payday loans and then they repay the sum on the day of their salary. I only want to warn you about my mistake. Be very careful with the services. The one I applied for wasn’t worth trusting. I filled in the application form, when I was at home they called me and said that I was approved and I got the money. I liked everything except very high interest rates that the lenders asked me to pay back with the loan. The sum of interest rates was almost a half of the sum I borrowed. ...

3 / 5 May 8, 2012
about Check into Cash's office
895 Main St, Ste 4 Billings, Billings, MT 59105

It was my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and I had planned a grand party for them. However, in the mean time I forgot that I have not purchased any special gift for them. After spending money for the party, I was left with almost nothing. I was planning to present them with a diamond wedding ring so that they could relive those days. I searched over the Internet and found this site. They gave me a loan of $300 which was put into my account by the evening and I made the payment on my next payday. ...

4 / 5 Apr 4, 2012
about Advance America's office
2346 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT 59102

I cannot live without my car – I have never understood people using public transport. To my mind, this is highly inconvenient and in terms of expenditures, well, not that cheaper. I’ve had a car since the time I was able to earn money myself. When my girl-friends were wasting their paychecks on shoes, dresses and make-up, I kept saving and was able to get myself an old Chevy. I have never parted with a car since. This is about the choice, you know. But I must admit, I can be broke from time to time and when this coincides with a flat tire or brakes being out of order, it used to make me very unhappy. However, I have got to know about Money Lenders and was really pleasantly surprised with the way they operated. This time it was my engine that refused to start and at low temperatures this time of the year it could mean a lot of trouble; and, consequently, a lot of time without a vehicle. Besides, I have just made a repayment on my mortgage and was not expecting any expenses till the payday. Breakage of the car was quite out of place and I needed it to be fixed in the shortest time possible. I think, I am really lucky to find Money Lenders as this is very convenient to get your money within a day. I could fix my lovely car and paid off when my paycheck arrived. In fact, I did not even have to go anywhere, the money were withdrawn from the account. I believe, it is hard to find a better lending company, or a more reliable one. Thanks, I am on my wheels again. ...

5 / 5 Mar 21, 2012
about Ezmoney's office
2499 King Ave West, Billings, MT 59102

They say there is no extra money. And it's true. That is why people are used to take out loans. However, you are to be very careful with the amount of money you are intended to take in order not to take more than you can afford and not to get into large debts. However, these problems will never occur with payday loans. Very often when I wanted to take out a loan I had to wait for several days or even weeks. But what was my surprise when I was provided with the necessary sum literally within twenty-four hours. My happiness was simply under control. After all, at any time, knowing that I'm about to run out of money, I have the one to turn to, payday loans has become my salvation. ...

4 / 5 Mar 21, 2012
about Cash Connection Check Cashing's office
1310 24th W, Billings, MT 59102
Billings Residents Debt-to-Income Ratios
Billings residents have 704 median credit score and the average number of late payments is about 3.3. Below represented DTI (Debt-to-Income) ratios shows how Billings residents debts stacks up against their income. As of 2020.
Credit Card DTI
Mortgage DTI
Car Loan DTI
Student Loan DTI
Billings Residents Financial Statistics
Below represented statistics is for Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana. As of 2019.
Median age of Billings's residents, years
Labour force participation rate, %
Unemployment rate, %
% of residents with no health insurance
Median individual income, USD
Median household income, USD
% of households with income under $35,000
% of households with income $35,000 - $75,000
% of households with income $75,000 - $100,000
% of households with income over $100,000
% of households that own their residence
Median home value owned by residents, USD
Median rent cost, USD
Rent Burden, %
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