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Direct Check
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Direct Check
107 East C Street, McCook, NE 69001
tel: 308-345-5435
2 reviews
Direct Check
907 W B St #2, McCook, NE 69001
tel: 308-345-5435

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This is my first review on the account of payday loans and I can really recommend this place for loans. It is useful to have such a store round the corner (as in my case) and they are so very polite and helpful let alone they do not care about my credit score at all - this is a relief, I suppose, not only for me. ...

Alexis Gaen
5 / 5 Dec 26, 2013
about Direct Check's office
107 East C Street, McCook, NE 69001

I have to say that it is hard to find a better service in terms of fast cash and bad credit. Payday lenders are very lenient and they never refused me even though my credit history leaves much to be desired. I suppose I am not the only one who applies for the fast cash and findds it really useful. I woould recommend this company really to everyone who appears in the situation of urgent need of cash. ...

5 / 5 Dec 22, 2012
about Direct Check's office
907 W B St #2, McCook, NE 69001

I was really happy to meet my present-time boyfriend. The thing is that I have been divorced for 5 years and I got used to the solitude on the one hand, and to the self-payment system – on the other. But to fall in love with Jack was like to become young again. And when he asked me to come to meet his parents, I agreed at once. However, I didn’t realise that I didn’t have the money to buy a birthday present for his mother. I had one week left before the salary so I decided to use a payday loan. Though I don’t like to borrow money, I felt more embarrassed to borrow money from my lover than to use cash advanced. I paid the sum back easily at the due day and I will eagerly recommend it to my friends. ...

5 / 5 Jun 20, 2012
about Direct Check's office
107 East C Street, McCook, NE 69001

I know there’s a lot of argument around the use of payday loans, primarily because of the seemingly high interest rates. But I would say that it is easily compensated by the benefit that the money borrowed brings. In my case that was the opportunity to be able to pay for the accommodation I was renting. Well, in fact, I had been renting a nice apartment for several months when all of a sudden my landlord requested that I moved out in a few weeks. And although he had given me back the rest I still needed extra to pay for my new flat. My next paycheck was due in only about two weeks so I desperately needed to find a solution. Which I did, trying the service of payday loans. On my payday they just withdrew the money from my bank account. So in a sense the loan gave me home. ...

4 / 5 May 23, 2012
about Direct Check's office
907 W B St #2, McCook, NE 69001
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Below represented statistics is for McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska. As of 2019.
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Labour force participation rate, %
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% of residents with no health insurance
Median individual income, USD
Median household income, USD
% of households with income under $35,000
% of households with income $35,000 - $75,000
% of households with income $75,000 - $100,000
% of households with income over $100,000
% of households that own their residence
Median home value owned by residents, USD
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