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Alexandria, LA Payday Loans Lenders

4 local stores from 3 companies located in Alexandria, LA
Ace Cash Express
Ace Cash Express
has 1 office
Advance America
Advance America
has 2 offices
Check into Cash
Check into Cash
has 1 office

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Office Address
151 review
Advance America
2071 N. Mall Dr., Ste. 301, Alexandria, LA 71301 show on map
tel: 318-445-7334
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10AM–6PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 9AM–7PM
Saturday: 9AM–2PM
Sunday: Closed
51 review
Advance America
3322 Monroe St., Alexandria, LA 71301 show on map
tel: 318-445-4880
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10AM–4PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 9AM–7PM
Saturday: 9AM–2PM
Sunday: Closed
69 reviews
Ace Cash Express
4609 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303 show on map
tel: 318-487-6514
Monday: 8AM–7PM
Tuesday: 8AM–7PM
Wednesday: 8AM–7PM
Thursday: 8AM–7PM
Friday: 8AM–7PM
Saturday: 9AM–5PM
Sunday: Closed
4 reviews
Check into Cash
3658 North Blvd, Alexandria, LA 71301 show on map
tel: 318-443-3839
Monday: 10AM–6PM
Tuesday: 2–6PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 2–6PM
Friday: 10AM–6PM
Saturday: 10AM–1PM
Sunday: Closed
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Latest Reviews

La'Toya Mustiful
5 / 5 Jan 13, 2022
about Ace Cash Express's office
4609 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303
Liz Swank
1 / 5 Dec 31, 2021
about Ace Cash Express's office
4609 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303
Jody Gauthier
5 / 5 Dec 24, 2021
about Ace Cash Express's office
4609 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303

I got into trouble and was in bad need for extra cash. I was awfully worried about my credit history. I thought none of the lending companies will provide a loan to me. The fact that payday loan lenders do not perform credit checks was a pleasant surprise to me. So, I decided to take a shot as I didn't have any choice left. And I want to tell you that it was very good - simple application, fast approval and direct money transfer. A payday loan was helpful for me at that period. I think I should be more careful about how much I spend. ...

Dayo Lawrence
4 / 5 Nov 28, 2013
about Allied Cash Advance's office
1020 Macarthur Dr, Ste E, Alexandria, LA 71303

Thanks for the great service. You helped me in the most unpleasant situation and from now on I will recommend your serivces to all my friends. I needed cash badly and I cannot save so this is the best option that anyone can rely on in case of emergency. ...

4 / 5 Oct 1, 2012
about Ace Cash Express's office
4609 Jackson St, Alexandria, LA 71303

Me and my wife try to be prudent about our finances, but even with careful scrutiny that is not always possible. Sometimes situations when you need a certain sum of money to make an urgent payment occur, and due to Murphy’s Law, that usually happens in-between the paychecks. For example, we have encountered such instances while organizing our wedding ceremony. Naturally, we had some money laid aside for the occasion but some of the checks we had to pay appeared to be higher when we’ve expected. At first we thought about asking our parents for money, but then we decided we had to deal with it by ourselves. After all, it was supposed to be a joyful matter and not a matter of worry for them. So we stopped on taking a payday loan. Speaking about the pros, I should mention promptness and their not inquiring about the purpose of one’s borrowing the money. The biggest minus is the high interest rate. But still, when you urgently need money and don’t want much fuss, I think this is definitely the best option. ...

Kevin Brown
4 / 5 May 24, 2012
about MR Money's office
1719 Macarthur Dr, Alexandria, LA 71301

I consider myself a hard-working person. In my business I have to work without holidays and weekends. Last time when I had to work on Christmas Eve, it was the worst day in a year. No one was willing to work at all. It seemed to me that they all wanted to find an excuse for not being at their jobs. Yeah, I'm aware that people have families and it was Christmas. But does it mean that it should hurt my business interests? I was counting on a lot of people and when it turned out that I need to pay extra $250 for one spare part that I bought online, I was just mad because I was abandoned by my coworkers. It wasn't my fault that I had to pay extra money but anyway I had to solve that unpleasant mistake. I googled "payday loans" and found a bunch of companies in the top. Soon, I figured out one thing - they all were unavailable "due to temporary technical issues" (slash, they were just having a good time far from their jobs). Only Paycheck Loans put an end to my bad luck because it was working. When I got a loan I didn't care about how much it's going to cost me but later on I was happy that I began working with this company because in comparison to others, it's not expensive at all and it works pretty fast! Since last Christmas whenever I have to find some extra bucks, I just use this service. ...

David Cleaver
4 / 5 Mar 23, 2012
about Paycheck Loans's office
744 Macarthur Dr # B, Alexandria, LA 71303
Alexandria Residents Debt-to-Income Ratios
Alexandria residents have 629 median credit score and the average number of late payments is about 5.59. Below represented DTI (Debt-to-Income) ratios shows how Alexandria residents debts stacks up against their income. As of 2020.
Credit Card DTI
Mortgage DTI
Car Loan DTI
Student Loan DTI
Alexandria Residents Financial Statistics
Below represented statistics is for Alexandria, Rapides County, Louisiana. As of 2019.
Median age of Alexandria's residents, years
Labour force participation rate, %
Unemployment rate, %
% of residents with no health insurance
Median individual income, USD
Median household income, USD
% of households with income under $35,000
% of households with income $35,000 - $75,000
% of households with income $75,000 - $100,000
% of households with income over $100,000
% of households that own their residence
Median home value owned by residents, USD
Median rent cost, USD
Rent Burden, %
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