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Advance America
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Advance America
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791 show on map
tel: 225-654-2510
Monday: 10AM–6PM
Tuesday: 10AM–4PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 9AM–6PM
Saturday: 9AM–1PM
Sunday: Closed
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2 CFPB Complaints in Zachary

There were 2 CFPB complaints in Zachary since Jul 2015.

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  • Ace Cash Express: 1
  • Speedy Cash: 1

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  • Communication tactics: 1
  • Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed: 1

Latest Reviews

Jeremy Johnson
5 / 5 Apr 14, 2022
about Advance America's office
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791
Cosha Miles
5 / 5 Apr 2, 2022
about Advance America's office
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791
Jada Wrights
5 / 5 Mar 30, 2022
about Advance America's office
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791
Niescha J.
5 / 5 Nov 23, 2018
about Advance America's office
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791

Most of the time I work two shifts and make ends meet. However, it is noteasy to have a family of four to support as the two of them are kids and they can't worka and my wife is ill. I do what I can but sometimes I just have to go and take a payday loan - in such cases when my car breaks and needs to be fixed fast. I really appreciate the option of fast cash without hassle and credit check stuff. ...

4 / 5 Dec 16, 2013
about Rapid Cash's office
5353 Main St, # B, Zachary, LA 70791

Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding when I got the loan. Two days ago my brother broke both his hands. Money for the treatment was not enough so I looked up on the internet for a fast loan service. I stopped the searching after I found out there is a payday online service that gives fast loans with minimal personal information. It was good for me because I needed the cash the next two days. To make it faster I called the support for a quick help to fill the application and send it. The manager with whom I was on the phone was very polite and professional. If it wasn’t for the support I think that I would be stuck on the application for an hour. Thank God it took me only 5 minutes. After that he said that after an hour I will receive approval. All went perfectly, but as I said before the % for me is too high and if I ever need a credit I would probably ask for it at the bank. ...

Sherry Peters
3 / 5 May 21, 2012
about Advance America's office
5647 Main St., Ste. B, Zachary, LA 70791
Zachary Residents Debt-to-Income Ratios
Zachary residents have 674 median credit score and the average number of late payments is about 5.88. Below represented DTI (Debt-to-Income) ratios shows how Zachary residents debts stacks up against their income. As of 2020.
Credit Card DTI
Mortgage DTI
Car Loan DTI
Student Loan DTI
Zachary Residents Financial Statistics
Below represented statistics is for Zachary, East Baton Rouge County, Louisiana. As of 2019.
Median age of Zachary's residents, years
Labour force participation rate, %
Unemployment rate, %
% of residents with no health insurance
Median individual income, USD
Median household income, USD
% of households with income under $35,000
% of households with income $35,000 - $75,000
% of households with income $75,000 - $100,000
% of households with income over $100,000
% of households that own their residence
Median home value owned by residents, USD
Median rent cost, USD
Rent Burden, %
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